Aundair is one of the nations of the original Kingdom of Galifar, as it existed before The Last War. Pastoral villages and farmlands line its borders and cluster around the keeps of its feudal lords. The people here are simple, even rustic. Aundair’s great cities, however, are alive with commerce and bustle with a crowd nearly as cosmopolitan as that of Sharn. The houses of government and institutions of higher learning are nearly bursting with the learned, the scholarly, and the magically inclined. Yet whether one is listening to scholars or farmers, mages or laborers, Aundairians speak of their nation with pride. They are unified in their identity, and they don’t care how greatly their customs and preferences vary.

Common Knowledge

Currently ruled by Queen Aurala, Aundair is focused on moving into the future and leaving the devastation of The Last War behind.


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