The Five Nations


While yes, much of the continent of Khorvaire lies outside of The Five Nations, and while yes, the so-called “Five” are in fact, today, only four, there still can be no argument that the Five Nations represent the heart of Khorvaire, and perhaps of Eberron. Their cultures and customs might differ, and their geography might vary widely from one to the next, but each of the Five Nations is inextricably linked to the others by chains of commerce, of history, and of slow recovery from The Last War.

Common Knowledge

The Five Nations were once united as the Kingdom of Galifar, encompassing most of Khorvaire. After the death of King Jarot, however, the kings and queens of the Five Nations vied for control. The result was The Last War, a devastating conflict that raged for over a century and left no corner of the continent untouched. The destruction of Cyre on the Day of Mourning, followed by the Treaty of Thronehold, finally put an end to the war and left Khorvaire divided into the various nations, kingdoms, and regions of today. Yet few citizens of the Five Nations believe that the struggle is truly over, and each nation glares with suspicion and resentment at its neighbors.

Today, as the kingdoms of the Five Nations struggle to rebuild, they are more interested in economic recovery than in overt conflict. Nevertheless, a constant cold war of espionage, border skirmishes, and economic manipulation exists between all four surviving nations, and cultural hatred and bigotry run rampant.

The Five Nations

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